About Us

Engineering Software Consultants

Bhavya Technologies LLC (dba BTechSoft) is an independent engineering software development company that provides innovative and top quality software solutions for mathematically complex engineering problems primarily in the petroleum industry. Our mission is to deliver software products that will aid in proper planning, cost–effective design, and efficient execution of jobs in a safe manner for various applications in the oil and gas industry.

BTechSoft currently develops and markets TubeFlow PIC, a software product for well intervention, production, and completions. TubeFlow PIC is a transient flow simulator that can be used to model well intervention operations with capillary string, coiled tubing, drill string, and wireline. The simulator can be utilized for modeling solutions in the areas of Coiled Tubing, Injection, Production, and Sand Control. Applications that can be modeled include Coiled Tubing Wellbore Cleanout, Acidizing, Cementing, Drilling, Fluid Displacement, Fracturing, Gravel Packing, Hydraulics, Pipe Fatigue, Production System Analysis-Velocity String Design, Production System Analysis - Inflow Control Device (ICD) Flow, Torque and Drag, Tubing Movement, and Well Unloading.

BTechSoft also provides consulting in the form of modeling services and training in the use of the software. In addition, custom software development services are also provided. For more information, please visit our website at www.BTechSoft.com.